Peevish Penman Press

Peevish [adj]. Easily irritated by unimportant things.
Penman [n]. A copyist, a scribe, an author, a wordsmith, i.e., a madman with a pen.
Press [n]. A forceful enlistment of men.

We produce a few publications each year with limited distribution, mostly online. We're interested in humorous short works, good ones. Currently we have only two titles, but we plan to add more until the day that our status as a press is less "a forceful enlistment of men" and more of "a device for applying pressure to something in order to flatten or shape it or to extract juice or oil." 

Title: The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society

Author(s): multi-author anthology
Date: 2010, 2012 

Imagine you are a member of a 3000-year-old organization dedicated to preserving the trade secrets of successful writers and authors. Who would have contributed to development of this organization? Where would you meet today? What rituals would you perform? What secret advice would you give other writers? Help us make this the greatest tale of artists organizing together to succeed against all odds within the industry.

The 3rd Edition will be available in both print and eBook formats 

Here are the guidelines for submissions to the 3rd Edition of The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society:
  • Submissions should be between 500-1800 words in length and indicate the page and/or section where it would fit best within the handbook. American, UK or Australian English is acceptable, but submissions need to be relatively free from errors.     
  • Submissions will be evaluated based writer's ability to match the tone of the handbook writing style and its suitability for the publication's theme.

Title: The Indispensable Rules for Taking Charge
Subtitle: A Reptilian Guide to Personal Finance and World Domination
Author(s): Carrie Bailey
Date: 2012

A tell-all book about the Reptilian conspiracy and indispensable guide to world domination...fact or fiction? Whichever, this mysterious cold-blooded overlord has answers for all your megalomania needs. 

Available as an eBook from Smashwords, Amazon, Lulu and Barnes and Noble.

More titles coming soon!

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