08 September 2009

A Glimpse Into the Self-Publishing Process

by David Bakke
It all began about a year ago.  I was thinking back on the absolute financial hell that I had escaped several years back, and how I made it to my current state of relative financial stability. I became a self-published author.
With the current state of the economy, I thought that maybe an outline of my personal story, along with everything that I did to get on the road to financial health may be of interest to others and maybe I could help others with the same problems I encountered. 
Writing it was the easy part, though I didn't know it at the time.  That took about 4 months, all done in my spare time--before and after work, weekends, etc. Self-publishing is harder.

Knowing that no agent was going to bust down my door and beg me to let him publish my book, I went the self-publishing route.
Rounds of editing, approving the cover copy (the text that goes on the back cover, inside flap, etc.) is extended work.  And that's the easy part.
I've spent the last month intensely attempting to gain footholds in social marketing networks such as Facebook, Stumble Upon, Twitter, etc (tons of work).  I set up my own blog, an autoresponder series for people that want to sign up for my newsletter, and I contribute to 6 other blogs on the topic of personal finances and contribute to three different writer's websites.  And that's just for the online marketing efforts.
Though I have no idea, it seems like the "real world" marketing will involve pounding the pavement, taking my book to independent bookstores, and anyone else who may be interested in it.
I am completely open to any comments, suggestions, feedback or ideas, either here or at Author Nation.


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  1. Definitely keep us posted! This is really something I'm truly interested in hearing about. I can't wait to read more. =) Good luck!