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Peevish Penman (PPM) was established in September 2009 by writer and coffee worshiper, Carrie Bailey who is convinced her typos are invisible and has never been known as a natural speler. A year later, her older sister, Winonah Drake, joined as co-editor, because despite her tireless efforts to teach her younger sister, Carrie still fails to grasp many simple grammatical concepts and tends to use a lot of made-up words.

Carrie Bailey has lived in Chile and New Zealand until recently returning to the Us. She is the author of a satirical Reptilian self-help book and is working on a post-apocalyptic social science fiction novel as well as a story about Bungle, the glass cat of Oz. But, all you really need to know about her is that she likes coffee, a lot.

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Carrie with her first of four highly breakable Kindles 
Winonah Drake is a writer and freelance editor who also does book reviews for Peevish Penman.

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The write about writing, hope, love, falling for writing scams, getting hand cramps, self-publishing, querying, submitting novels and otherwise obsessing over insecurities and minor grammatical errors while trying to make the transition from a part-time creative writer to a full-time career author ever since it was started.

Peevish Penman has published more than fifty aspiring authors since 2009. From October 2012 to January 2013, the site added permanent monthly contributors. Two authors post each week.

Week One: Jody Aberdeen and Carrie Bailey
Week Two: Rob Hines and Molly Field
Week Three: Gayle Francis Moffet and Clark Brooks
Week Four: Icy Sedgwick and Kelly DeBie


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