30 October 2009

Preparations for NaNo 2009

by Carrie Bailey

My first year for National Novel Writing Month starts in two days.  I have my checklist all prepared and I am ready the 30 day novel writing frenzy.
  1. Signed Up 
  2. Writing Buddies
  3. Coffee 
  4. Computer 
  5. Back up supply of coffee 

Barriers to writing exist in less suspected areas as well.  A full schedule can conflict with writing projects.  In order to write, I have to make writing a priority and that is no easy feat for anyone supporting a family or getting established.  After I assessed my regular schedule, I decided to sacrifice time in two areas: social media and movies.  I can only hope that my friends and loved ones will forgive my hiatus from Facebook and IM. Writing unpaid should replace other recreational activities if it is a priority.

Exercise and face to face socializing shouldn’t compete with time spent on writing projects.  Breathing, eating, and sleeping are also important activities that add to a person’s ability to produce spectacular written work.  Should a writer stretch before they start pounding away at the keys?  Yes.

Other good advice I’ve gleaned from the veterans:
Have snacks ready and near your writing space. 
Keep your plot loose and don’t plan anything that requires research.

Best of Luck to everyone getting started! 


  1. Also, having easy to make foods will also be extremely helpful. Honestly, though, as long as you make the daily quota (which isn't all that much) early on in the day (you know, if you're an early bird) then you really shouldn't have to sacrifice too much. But that's the key, you must reach your quota every single day. If you do not meet your daily quota, then there's trouble and you will have to sacrifice a lot more than just movies and social media.

    Good luck! I am so excited!

  2. I'm so jealous!! Well, you seem well prepared, especially mentally and I think that's half the battle right there. I wish you much success and write that book already!

  3. Having went through many stints where I pounded out 2000 words a day with ease, I know that I am capable of meeting the word challenge, and even giving myself some buffer for days when I am otherwise engaged (such as when I am working- for free- for my parents at least once, possibly twice for a total of four days in November). However, I had never thought of having snacks by my working area, that is an idea I shall have to steal! I look forward to being a writing buddy to you, C.E, Morgan, and anyone else I happen to hook up with over the course of the next 32 days. (Oh yeah, just remembered that my 14th wedding anniversary falls within this month of insanity too!)Onward, ty-ping soldiers!(hear the beat in that?)

  4. I know NaNoWriMo has started and I have started, but I'm also still recovering from Halloween. I'm such a procrastinator some days :).

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