17 December 2009

Under The Influcence of Emotion

by Morgan Barnhart

Life has been hitting harder than ever lately. Sometimes it's almost impossible to get my head straight. I used to just sulk in my bed and watch Grey's Anatomy while eating an entire bag of Cheetos.

However, lately when I've been in such a mood, I turn to writing. I focus completely on a totally unrelated story, something to take me away from what I'm currently feeling and to help me clear my head. It works, too. After writing 2,000 words in a straight shot, I fell back into my chair and stared at the computer screen, feeling refreshed and ready to handle any problems that I was currently dealing with.

I find I write the best when I turn to writing while in a depressed state. All of my energy is now directed right into writing instead of down a Cheetos bag.

Try it the next time you're in an unusual mood, whether it be depression, anger, annoyed, etc., Find out if writing while under the influence of a strong emotion helps you write any better than usual. It may be difficult to get started, it may not be, but stick with it, direct that energy towards a greater good.


  1. I am there with you on that one!!

    I know I started being a creative person as a way to channel the whole plethora of difficult emotions into something productive. I even have an old friend who will ask me, "Have you been writing/painting?" and if I answer no, he takes it as a bad sign.

    It's that question that reminds me to channel the energy, because sometimes, I forget! Thanks for reminding me :).

  2. That's a smart friend that knows something must be wrong if you're not writing. =) Sometimes it's difficult to muster the energy if you're just in a mad mood, but it really does help every time.