14 January 2010

Video: Conjunction Junction

This video speaks for itself with its subtle approach to bring proper English instruction to the eager Saturday morning masses. In the tradition of Fantasia, its visual interpretation of the stunning musical rhapsody clearly foretold the coming of MTV as the premier vehicle of self-expression. It crossed social barriers with its appeal and demonstrated the bond we share by our mother tongue.

Each scene contains a balance of 70's style and composition lost in the passage of time, but remembered now when the nostalgic adults, bored youth, or the desperate educators do a simple search on YouTube.

The best of American English instruction, it is School House Rock's "Conjunction Junction." I ask you to consider in light its artistic grandeur and awesome yet humble and unassuming wisdom, could you answer the timeless question of existence, which it poses however masked in application to one beloved element of grammar ?

Could you answer, "What's your function?"


  1. Hooking up words and phrases and clauses! I loved this cartoon.

  2. Carrie, that was just as cute as it could be! Thanks!