25 June 2010

Writing, Exposure, and Trusting Oneself

by Terra Bundance

I have recently had some deep conversations with Beings, Guides, friends, etc. This week, I have been contemplating the conversations... The theme is one that has been subtle and quiet. One that I really had to dig at, contemplate, question, and listen to... What I realized is that we are all sort of afraid to talk about the same things!

Many people want to be heard and seen. I dare say, ALL people want that. Parents want to be seen be other parents, and by each other... Friends want to be seen by mutual friends of friends, kids want to be seen by their parents, parents by their children, partners want to be seen by each other and their families, employees want to be seen by upper management... the list goes on...

Take a moment and think about how you wish to be seen and by whom. Write one of the names of the people you want to be seen by on a piece of paper. Now, write a list of words next to that person's name. Not words describing how you want to be seen by them, but words to describe how YOU see THAT person. Now sit back and really think about all the words you just wrote down... Now visualize the person's face. Would you actually walk up to that person and tell them all the words you wrote down? Would you be afraid to tell them any of the words? Maybe it is just fear of rejection, but I believe we all hide from what we are feeling because we just want to be seen and heard.

I am choosing now to surrender to how I am willing to allow myself to be seen and heard... My goal for today (and this week) is to ask myself a question. Any time I feel discomfort or frustration, I am going to ask myself, "How am I willing to allow myself to be seen and heard right now?" And see what comes up. I will probably blog about it.

I suggest that as you write your thoughts down and think about the people in your life, you also create a template for future writings. This could help you create a deeper ability to tap into the writer inside. Write about things that make you feel good about you.  Find what makes you feel good about writing. Find what makes you feel good about your life.  This will help you create less of a 'critic' inside, and open you to what the 'writer' inside wants to say.

I feel this is a journey of "trust in self."  Let's do our best to support the journey in each other.

~Terra Bundance

Terra lives in Portand, Oregon, and is a self-proclaimed "stream of consciousness writer."  She and her friend, Stasia, have made a new chocolate bar called "Sweet Surrender," a name emblematic of her current quest for personal growth.


  1. Award on my blog for the Peevish Penman!

  2. Just came over from Tessa's blog.

    Interesting question. I'd like to be seen and heard by agents and editors, who all think I'm clever. Therefore, they want to publish my books!

  3. Well, thanks for stopping over from Tessa's. I'm so honored she selected Peevish Penman :).

    I think Terra has a very fun question. At the crux of the idea, I agree that many of us search for approval, appreciation, or recognition of one sort or another.

    And Theresa, I'm with you. Agents, editors, and publishers are on the top of my list for who I'd like to be seen by, plus my childhood bully--just kidding.

  4. I really love this concept! Definitely going to be utilizing!