01 July 2010

50 Excellent Writing Activities to Cultivate Your Creativity and Craft

by Jesse Young

Continued from last week...If you’re a good writer, you can succeed in any industry, no matter what kind of online degree you have. But even great writers sometimes have trouble organizing their work, polishing up the details, or even picking a cohesive idea to write about. Here are 50 excellent writing exercises to help cultivate your creativity and craft, from brainstorming to beating writer’s block and remembering your motivation.  

Part 5 of 7: Language and Grammar

Choose better words and strengthen sentences with these exercises.
  1. A Day Without Modifiers: This writing challenge requires you to write scenes without adjectives or adverbs.
  2. Use the dictionary as your prompt: Open up the dictionary and blindly put your finger anywhere on the page. Whatever word you’ve picked out — no matter how weird or complicated it is — write a paragraph about it, not just using it in a sentence. You’ll work on your vocabulary this way too.
Part 6 of 7: Style

Draw readers in with your unique, perfected style after working with these exercises.
  1. Describe your audience: Write a list of qualities about your target audience, and then refer to that list to make sure your style will appeal to them and matches your story.
  2. Use active voice: Read about the difference between active and passive voice and why active can make your writing stronger.
  3. Get the stereotypes out of your system: If you want your entire piece to read like a cliché, avoid stereotypes. You can get them all out of your system on a scratch sheet of paper and then move on to something more original.
  4. Think about what you like to read: Think about your favorite authors and genres and why you’re drawn to them.
  5. Experiment with other writers’ styles: Then, pick the elements that came most naturally to you and use them in your writing.

next week: Editing and Inspiration

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  1. Number 37 was fun I put a craigslist ad and got LOTS of spam. I am now working with a guy and we have been writing comedy. Thank you for helping me get through my rut I was in