23 August 2010

Writing Book Giveaways! for our Peevish Anniversary.

Peevish Penman started sometime mid-September 2009.  To enter our contest to celebrate, scroll down to the instructions.  That is despite the fact that my first posts claim to have been written in August.  I am never above lying about my age, as a woman or as a bloggist or anything.  Age was just invented to tyrannize humanity anyhow.  *steps off of the soap box*

During this year, I've had excellent people write and submit articles to the site from craigslist ads and via twitter, too.  Some friends know this story:

How Not to Write a Novel: 200 Classic Mistakes and How to Avoid Them--A Misstep-by-Misstep Guide I wasn't a writer... I was a shy writer's friend who decided to start a blog, because I wanted my friend, whose name I will not reveal, let's just call her Pelissa Mroctor, to share her writing.  Off my bookmobile, in the house behind a store in Barn, Oregon, years ago, she had let me read her work.  Despite the first page or two having a few common writer's errors, once I read six or seven pages in, I realized I held in my hands a book I could fully imagine being in print.  It changed my life.

Your First Novel: An Author Agent Team Share the Keys to Achieving Your DreamTo celebrate my venture into writer promotion that through Nanowrimo 2009 converted me into a novel writing, travel writing, word obsessed, hunchback, I am giving away two writing books!   "How NOT to Write a Novel"by Howard Mittlemark and Sandra Newman I have reviewed and recommend as an insightful and entertaining approach to improving your work previously on PPM.  "your first NOVEL" on the other hand by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb is also okay, though I disagree with their suggestion to write your work by hand.  Hahahahaha! *wipes away tears of mirth*  It is a more through look into the publishing industry and writing, which takes you by the hand and guides you with your first novel.

In this one year, I have not only learned how to write, but I have made friends and lost that little voice that said, "Don't promote yourself."  I am now shameless.  That was the hardest lesson to learn.  Pelissa Mroctor's writing could and should be in print.  Many excellent writers do not self-promote and they rob people of the opportunity to enjoy their talent.  Yes, that's right.  In addition to feeling insecure about your work, I want all writers to feel guilty about not sharing it, too.

Instructions to Enter Giveaway:

To enter the giveaway, promote Peevish Penman and then comment and tell me what you did.  For example, a comment should look like this:


All count as entries into the giveaway on September 10, 2010 when I will choose one winner unrandomly and that person will be notified and thanked.  After they decide which of the two books they want, I will choose another winner randomly and send the second book to them.

Don't worry about contact information on your post.  If you post using your google account, I will be able to contact you, if not, you can email me at bzuley@yahoo.com.  Don't forget to comment on this post, too, though whether as anonymous or whatever...

Thanks everybody who has written for Peevish Penman, read Peevish Penman, or commented or promoted or kept me blogging and writing through the ups and downs this first year.  I will be revealing an award designed from Peevish Penman soon to recognize the friends of our brave writers.  Until then, hugs, thanks, and don't forget that just because you aren't highly paid or famous does not mean you aren't a great writer.  And also remember, writing is a craft that anyone can learn and improve. 


Carrie Bailey, editor and bloggist for Peevish Penman.


 Here's a script to use to add a Peevish Penman badge to your blog:

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This is what it looks like, though a tad smaller------------------>

Okay, that's it... now enter below!


  1. I tweeted to all my friends that they should follow you, and also suggested they visit your blog. I also added you to the blog roll on my blog!

  2. I tweeted and mentioned your twitter account and blog site in it. Also made a list of blogs worth reading so I could add your's to my site. :)

  3. I am retweeting what you are writing. :D HAPPY ONE YEAR!!!

    And that's my hubby's birthday too!

  4. Some people are having this comment section "time out" while trying to post their comment...

    If so, just email me at bzuley@yahoo.com and tell me what you did to promote Peevish Penman.

  5. Happy blogiversary!

    As you are aware I tweeted like mad to inform the world of your awesomeness, and I mentioned you in my latest blogpost on horror cliches (not because you're a horror or anything!): http://writersblocknz.weebly.com/1/post/2010/08/fighting-clichs-part-seven-clichs-in-horror.html

    My fingers and toes are crossed =D

  6. By the way, tweeting about PPM is nice.

    Subscribing to the RSS and facebook is nicer because it boosts popularity of the blog in numbers and makes a lasting impact.

    Commenting on other articles is very good and submitting work from your own blog or an article is even better.

    Including us in your blogroll, or mentioning us in your blog posts or promoting us with a badge is tip top.

    Everything is appreciated. We love the writers!!

  7. ok, I Tweeted this post and followed you on Twitter.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  8. Right, after much slapping, effing & blinding, and such other activities, I finally got the 'Like Button' (ironic at that stage) to work on the FB page!!!

    What can I say here? I won't let anyone know that you get your kids to try out acupuncture 'cause you're scared of needles (only cause I'm scared too!)

    Keep up good work. Tweeted the site too!

  9. Oh my dear Inshin, I used kiddy acupuncture needles on him, they were huge and plastic...that's why I haven't tweeted about him for a little while.

  10. Done, done, and done! I'm exhausted.

  11. You are already on my blogroll and all my posts are automatically tweeted. Happy Blogoversary!

  12. Thank you Laura!!

    I also owe you guys immensely because Nouveau Author was what I modeled Peevish Penman on when I started. I love you guys!

  13. In addition to everything I have already done, I have added your very lovely Peevish Penman blog badge - not only because I am shamelessly determined to do everything in my power to win "How NOT to write a novel", but because the colour scheme goes perfectly with my new site design! =D

    Randomly, one of the novels I am writing is called "How NOT to be a Princess" and one of my first blogs was 'How NOT to end your novel": http://writersblocknz.weebly.com/1/post/2010/05/the-end.html

    It must be a 'sign' hehe. Not that I would object to winning the other book ;-)

  14. Happy anniversary! I tweeted this post and subscribed to the RSS feed!

  15. Happy Anniversary! I subscribed to the RSS feed through Google Reader, tweeted this post and shared on facebook. Also added to my blogroll.

  16. Hiya! As you know from twitter, I already have one of these books. But even if I am not an ideal candidate to win, I wanted to letcha know: I follow your twitter (obvs), you're on my blogroll, and in September 09, I promoted ppm in a post: http://ravenlikeawritingdesk.wordpress.com/2009/09/25/foreign-aid/

    Cheers! You do good work here.

  17. Hello! I follow Peevish Penman on Twitter.!

  18. Thanks you guys!

    @agelade I remember that post quite well and it meant a lot back in the early days when I had no idea what I was doing :). Big hugs to you for remembering us.

    Anonymous, thanks for stopping by!

  19. I tweeted to all my followers about the awesomeness that is the Peevish Penman and I follow you on twitter

    Here's proof:

  20. Okay.

    1. Followed you on the Twitters shortly after I discovered you because you are awesome.

    2. Twittered the twitters about you via the retwittering feature.

    3. Added your RSS to my Google Reader.

    4. Added you as a little bloggy blogroll deal in the sidebar of my blog (http://thatneilguy.blogspot.com)

    5. Programmed myself to dream up a clever tag line for your podcast. (Neurons seem to have misfired, however, since there's been no result yet. Will keep working on it.)

    6. Tried to be your fan or something on the Facebook only to be foiled, but it won't stop me from continuing to try.

    7. Seriously considered trotting down to the courthouse to officially rename my two children Peevish and Penman.

    8. Commented here in a blatant attempt to be a winner.

  21. I wrote your name across the sky
    with fireflies wonderous light.

    The sweet lyrics of my song
    tell the world where we belong.

    We reach...touch. We share the words,
    of wonders, pains, joys and rewards.

    We paint the image in the hours we log
    in our script, story, poem and blog.

    The Peevish Penman is now on my feed,
    my Facebook friend and followed, indeed!

    ...as posted on my blog . Congrats on the anniversary!