31 December 2010

Writing Took a Backseat

by Morgan Barnhart

You know what sucks? When one of your greatest passions takes a backseat in life.

For all of 2010, I didn't write. I just stopped writing. I didn't even finish NaNo (or even start) which is blasphemy for me!

I guess it was because I was caught up in my new fancy job and new friends and other nonsense hobbies that were taking up my time. I could continue to make up the excuses, but the fact remains that I didn't write a word.

The past couple of weeks, I began regaining my writing spirit and by George it's like I've fallen in love all over again!

I feel like 2011 will be my year to shine as a writer and voice over. These are my two greatest passions and I am a believer that people can work full time at what they're most passionate about.

My first plan of attack? To apply to as many freelance opportunities as possible. Now, I realize it's New Years Eve and not a lot of people are going to be evaluating my chances and I probably won't hear anything positive from my hard work until Monday.

However...it's a start! I plan on continuing this up hill climb until I have so much freelance writing to do that I'll be forced to quit my job! That's right, I'm shooting for the moon!!!

Has your writing taken a backseat because of "this and that"? How do you plan on resolving that for the new year?

Happy New Year and Happy Writing!


  1. It has. My writing efforts in 2010, especially in the second half, have been pathetic.
    But reasons are really just excuses.
    As much as I hate New Years Resolutions, 2011 is going to be a very different year.
    I'm going to work as much as I can before school starts back up again, hopefully get a writing buffer at the very least. And then I'll have to start budgeting my time better. Write every day!

  2. I can definitely relate. I gave writing workshops and wrote book reviews but my own writing suffered. I'm planning to change that though!

  3. @JW I think the most difficult thing is to actually schedule the time slot to write. But we can do it!!

    @Laura As long as you've got a plan (or planning to plan) then you're on the right track! =)

  4. My writing efforts in 2010 were definitely low. I attended conferences and did some plotting, but paid writing was at an all-time low. It will be different in 2011 -- I have written writing FOR PAY in my schedule following the old 80/20 rule: 80% of my writing efforts need to be PAID efforts.

    The very best to you in 2011. When you are forced to quit your job, I'll gladly share in a virtual champagne toast!

  5. I've decided to commit more time to paid writing myself. Awesome stuff it is... you know, compensation.

    I wish everybody luck :).

  6. Writing was what kept me sane last year. It was a very tough year, and spending an hour or so with my laptop in the mornings was the only time I could escape and focus solely on my own priorities. It was the only time I felt like me instead of seeing myself in my relationships to others (seeing myself as a wife, a daughter, an employee, etc).

    I hope this year will bring less stress, but after learning how important writing is to my mental health, I know I'll continue making writing a priority.

    Best of luck to all for a fantastic new year!


  7. @CypherFaerie We want to be able to write for ourselves, but in order to do that, we need compensation (obviously). So yes, definitely applying the 80/20 rule is important! Good luck to you!!

    @C It is awesome to get paid for our efforts. =) Good luck!!

    @Katrina That's great to hear that writing is staying a constant in your life! Good luck with bringing less stress!