07 March 2011

Blogging Challenge for Writers

by Carrie Bailey

It was going to happen sooner or later, because writing has everything in common with a greased slip n' slide facing downward on a steep hill. Yet, it all started out innocently enough. I wrote a few articles, started a magazine, published a poem, then a book and then BAM! Challenged. Yes, I've been challenged. The sort of challenge that feels exactly as if I've been pushed down that slippery slope by the strong arm of a friend's good intentions.

Maybe it was that one glass of gin and tonic that I shouldn't have had, but I, always the fighter, looked my friend in the eye and said, "YES... then I added, and if I don't post to Peevish Penman everyday during the next 28 days, I'll buy you a drink each time." Breaks for the weekends included, we signed in blood or it could have been merlot, but either way I'm now headed down that hill and naturally I want to take a few other writers down with me.

They say it takes 28 days to make a habit-though I would argue that I only need two days to develop a vice-and for that reason I issue the following challenge to all writers brave and/or foolhardy enough to accept:

Blog every weekday for 28 days. 

The length of post and content doesn't matter, but the formation of habit will be the end reward or if not, we can always collect the data and publish our results in some academic journal we've never heard of.

And being the generous and inspirational person that I am*, I'll let anyone along for the journey buy me coffee when they falter...because as much as I do enjoy a gin and tonic now and then, there's only so much of my own bravery I commit to follow through with in the morning, you know.

*and modest, by the way.

Carrie Bailey is the co-editor of Peevish Penman currently living and studying Information in Wellington, New Zealand, and parenting the most awesome teenage son in the world in her unbiased opinion.

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  1. Carrie - I applaud your blogging commitment! I'll support you but i don't think I'll quite be able to meet your goal of every weekday. I will, however, endeavor to blog more frequently and regularly and I'll have your back if you need a guest post to cover any gaps ;-)