18 March 2011

Writing Sites to LOVE

by Carrie Bailey

Across the web we find, discover and love writers and their sites, their blogs... We follow, get offended, unfollow, fall in love again, refollow, make friends, learn, and become better writers together...

Black Heart Magazine

Black Heart is a full-on literary rebellion based in Austin, Texas, where it is edited and produced by Laura Roberts. With a license to kill your darlings, our mission can be summarized in three short words: 

Reading. Writing. Rebellion.

In brief, we publish fiction that breaks the rules. Join us, if you dare. Or read more about what we’re looking for in this interview with our editor at the Review Review.

Insecurity has plagued Jeanne Veillette Bowerman 's life for many years, but she believes that the journey of writing opened her eyes to view my experiences as life lessons, allowing her to evolve as the protagonist in my own story.

The Siege of Markethaven

For something out of the ordinary and a direct link to another era... a site dedicated to a single poem:

The Siege of Markethaven: A Tale of Old was inspired by such tales of heroes spurred to great deeds in aid of those in need. The oral tradition of storytelling was, when skillfully executed, evocative and enthralling, but the lack of written records meant that many such tales have been lost forever. Times may have changed over the centuries, but there will always be a place for a history unrecorded in academia that, perhaps, might have been.

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  1. Thanks for the link! Also, I am writing up your Secret Society e-book, hopefully for this Wednesday, for some reciprocal love.