10 June 2012

Copyright Page Tutorial

by Carrie Bailey

This is your basic copyright page, which you find behind the title page of a novel.


This is a video tutorial provides a lot of information about all the different elements of what goes into the copyright page like different disclaimers, ISBN numbers and even the printer's key. If you're a self-published author who is interested in learning what you need to put on your copyright page or you're a book collector trying to decide whether your copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is a first edition or you're a student trying to find information for a bibliography, it helps to understand what commonly goes on this often misunderstood page of every published book.


  1. This made something I find confusing easy to understand. Your presentation was professional and just humorous enough to be entertaining.

  2. But my professor gave me a "C" for it!! Wahhh!