12 June 2013

Peevish Penman Podcast: The Love of Writing

Hi! We've been podcasting about issues concerning writers. Last week Clark Brooks, Rob Hines and I discussed whether we really loved writing or just the idea of it. Where do you think you stand on that topic? Chances are if you're reading this in a coffee shop, wearing a beret and spending more time talking about your writing than pounding on the keys, you don't need to answer, you already know.

This podcast is new. It's currently available on YouTube. We're still working out the format, but we will be inviting guest to share and talk about their work as well as discuss issues of importance to writers. Please offer feedback to help us improve our efforts and make it more interesting and useful to viewers. Also, if you're interested in being a guest, please contact me, Carrie Bailey, at bailey.carrie.e[at]gmail.com.

Please feel free to comment about the video and what you liked/didn't like.

  • How is the length of the podcast? Too brief? Too long?
  • What topics would you be interested in hearing about?
  • Do we need more image development? More branding? Theme music?
  • Is the audio and visual quality sufficient? 


Thanks for watching. Please go to Youtube and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already.

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