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You're not alone. It doesn't matter if you've been writing for a week or six decades, anyone can become depressed by the statistics on published authors. Here's a few to really bring you down.
TERRIBLE FACT: 95% of published authors cannot live on their income from writing alone. 
EVEN WORSE FACT: Your average agent receives 32,000 queries per years, asks for samples from 2500, she might read 98 of them, she'll then decide to represent 9 of them and in the end, 5 will be likely be sold (from Writers on the Brink).
Alright, we'll stop there. It's dizzying even to think about how many people do publish each year and how few of those manage to sell more than 200 copies. In fact, if you calculate out the hours the average writer spends on a book, then consider the dismally low cost of independent books, it works out to...

Right. We did say we would stop. 

Now, for the good news. People have been becoming successful authors for years. No, the odds aren't great that you're going to be one of them, but for those of us who want to live in the world of possibility rather than the dark dreary land of probability, we've got something unexpected.

It's a handbook, a sort of guide to everything about becoming an author that has nothing to do with using proper grammar or querying.

Does it help to join this highly elite and highly anonymous society? Yeah. It does.

(Book Trailer for the 1rst Edition)                                        

What it is, is a shot in the arm for anyone who feels their writing confidence flagging, or that they’re the only one out there struggling with their creative impulses.

Artfully written to seem uncovered from an ancient secret order of scribes, the Handbook of the Writer Secret Society offers more than just a comedic introspection of the professional writer.

She's clever, this one. In an age where everyone thinks they "get it", she REALLY gets it...it's about digging your own tunnel into a realm where ritual and habit transcend the timeless writings from the old World into the new. Method is the secret, and all ye who enter the Secret Society shall be justly rewarded. 

How to BUY it:

You can find it on Smashwords and Amazon for around a $1000.00. It's a good buy, seriously.

How to get it for FREE:

The handbook is FREE when you subscribe to our RSS, Facebook page or Twitter account.

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