11 September 2010

Happy Blogiversary and Our Contest Winners

The first year of Peevish Penman has been an incredible year.  We've gone through a number of aesthetic alterations...

The First Peevish Penman Header
And we've been fortunate to work with some wonderful writers, too.  We had a successful blogfest and over a hundred articles.  So, without further ado the contest winners:

The 5 page critique by Jo Hart of The Graceful Doe and I: Jessica (@jsubject), Lisa. B. (@LisaMBasso) and Monica B.W.

The Writing Book Giveaway for "How Not to Write A Novel" and "Your First Novel." was won by J. J. @WritersBlockNZ due to her incredible and consistent support for Peevish Penman.  She has indicated that she would like "How Not to Write A Novel" and the for the random selection @agelade wins "Your First Novel."

I want to send out the biggest thanks and appreciation for the ever awesome Jo Hart for making our blogiversary special by collaborating with us on the contest, designing the header, and just simply being an awesome writer friend.  For this reason, Peevish Penman sends the first Peevbody award to Jo for all around writer awesomeness.

Thanks for a great first year. We're still preparing the podcast with voice talent, Morgan Barnhart.  A new project, a writer secret society handbook, will be co-edited by older sister and I, Carrie Bailey.  The very popular Writer Wednesday Interviews are scheduled out for seven weeks.

Our contests were quite successful at bringing in interest, RSS subscribers, new twitter friends, and allowing us an excuse to have a very good time.  Happy Blogiversary to everyone whose read and commented during our first year.  There is no point in providing good writing without the supportive friends who read it and if you've read this, you're awesome, too.



  1. Thanks Peevish Penman and happy blogiversary! I have really enjoyed collaborating with you on the blogiversary contest. I'm honoured to receive the first Peevbody award :)

  2. Thank you so much! I am excited to have my piece critiqued by you both. Happy Blogiversary!

  3. Carrie,

    Thanks so much!!! I just shot you an email. This was an amazing contest and celebration for you and Jo.

  4. Congratulations for you for such a successful year! And congrats to those you have awarded..:)

  5. Thank you! It means a lot to see people take the time to stop by and wish us well :D.