21 December 2010

Video: Get Tony On Ellen!

by Carrie Bailey

Tony Noland, if you don't already know is hysterical. I first encountered him as a recommendation due to our mutual appreciation for the semi-colon, only I never wrote an Ode to the Semi-colon while Tony, however, did. I write my Odes about coffee...specifically gritty nasty Nescafe, the only instant coffee to drink while living in South America...

So, the other day on Twitter, I was joking around with the great author, who aside from being one of the contributors to The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society also has contributed to the anthology Chinese Whisperings, and we discussed the obvious next step in his career: getting on Ellen.

What can I say? I got in contact with Ellen right away:

To date, I haven't heard back yet, but I'm sure her staff is busy working out the scheduling. In the meantime, Tony created this voice to text video about the exchange and his prospects... I'm believe it's something everyone can relate to, however, except for Tony's modesty.

Wait. Do you hear that? Oops... I have to take this, I think it's Ellen.


  1. I think that this is very funny.

  2. For writers considering self-promotion, there's meaningful hope and optimism, and then there's baseless, wild-eyed lunacy. It helps to know the difference.

    Thanks, Carrie!

  3. ah, this was brilliant and who knows dreams came come true. maybe not for tony but for someone.

  4. Edit that-came come-?? to read Can come

  5. All Tony really needs is some publicity... what can an author do that has never been done before? Hmmm... Tony, you need to do that one thing... then, Ellen will take notice. She still might not let you on her stage, but she'll at least notice.

  6. Nope, sorry. When and if I get famous, it'll be for the quality of my writing, not for having bungee-jumped into a tub of Jello in Times Square.

  7. Agreed. First, get famous... Then, bungee jump into jello.