27 December 2010

100+ Small Presses

Small presses are an excellent way for early to mid-career authors to publish manuscripts. The definition of a small press is one that generates under $50 million dollars annually. The monetary success each author may experience from publication depends on a number of conditions, the small press is NOT a vanity press, self publishing, or print on demand. No money is received by the publisher from the author.

However, as always, when preparing to contact a small press about your work, remember:

  • Research submission guidelines, previous publications by the press, and other significant information about each company before sending an email.
  • Understand and follow the submission guidelines specific to the company being contacted.
  • Be courteous, e.g. don't point out punctuation mistakes on their website... (even if they reject your first manuscript, they may be interested in a later one).
  • Be patient (the time it takes to find the right publisher is worth the effort). 

This list is organized by main genre, although each press may accept many different genres and types of publication. Good research about a press greatly increases your chance of having your manuscript accepted.

With the scroll bar and frame can view each small press web page without having to leave the list.

Small Presses by Genre:

*This list will be updated regularly.


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