24 December 2010

Another....Three Book Giveaway!

It's embarrassing only having 93 followers through Google when all your online friends have over a hundred and as an editor, I've developed a serious case of blogger envy and have decided to do what all sensible writers do when they want to spread the word:  have a contest. This one is easier than ever.

  • The Google follow will allow you to follow the blog via your twitter account, blogger account, really any account, as long as it's your own account.

  • The RSS feed can be followed by the orange tab above.

  • The Facebook account on the link bar above will take you to the Peevish Penman page or alternatively, the Writer Secret Society button hidden on this page (shhh!) has a link to a fan page for our publication, "The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society."

Follow via anyone of these three methods to enter the drawing to win one of three copies of The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society. Here's a recommendation from Andrew Jack of Christchurch, New Zealand via GoodReads: 

The Handbook of The Writer Secret Society is, not to put too fine a point on it, a secret handbook for writers.
If you write, then you already know how solitary the business of crafting fiction is, it can be very easy to feel like you’re alone against a blank page. What The Handbook of The Writer Secret Society postulates is that not only are you not alone, you’re already a member of a secret cabal of scribblers who lurk in the shadows at parties, people watching for story ideas.

Actually that last part might just be me.

The Handbook of The Writer Secret Society isn’t a how to book. There’s nothing on prose, or character development in there. What it is, is a shot in the arm for anyone who feels their writing confidence flagging, or that they’re the only one out there struggling with their creative impulses.

The writer’s handbook also has some excellent little illustrations in it, which adds to the feeling of the book. Even though at the moment it is e-book only, you can just imagine you’re handling a well loved secret tome that was given to you by a dying man.

I don’t want to give too much of the contents away, as a big part of the joy of reading this book is in discovering the clever ways in which the contributors have crafted a secret society out of whole cloth. With that said, make sure you read the section on writer’s luck twice.

Highly recommended.

This review also appears on http://www.andrewjackwriting.com
For more information visit the link to the Writer Secret Society page hidden on this blog (shhh!). After you subscribe, comment below. There will be three winners 1) for Google when it reaches 100, 2) for Facebook when it reaches 200, and 3) for the RSS subscription when it reaches 175.

If your profile has no information for me to contact you, but you have a blog, I will notify you via a comment on your blog.

Good Luck!


  1. Google and RSS followed, Facebook I'll track down in the morning. 8]

  2. Google, RSS & Facebook - done. Did I miss anything? :)

  3. Following on Google and man, I just went over to his blog and it's like I wrote that list of things for the New Year - no more unfinished manuscripts, try my hand as scriptwriting. . I'm in.

  4. @Sherree, nope looks like your all set :)... though who knows, subscribing to the Youtube Channel couldn't hurt.

  5. Count me in !

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  6. Just followed on RSS and on Facebook. :)

  7. Awesome! @Sherree has won the google feed giveaway...still two more to go :).

  8. I am a GFC and a Facebook follwer! Please enter me in this giveaway - Thanks!