26 April 2010

Why Should You Read Another Writer’s Blog?

by Carrie Bailey 

“The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.” ~Ursula K. LeGuin

to hone your craft
Writers develop a valuable skill set.  I’ve heard the idea passed around that anyone can write.  I know they lie.  I recently clicked on a celebrity blog.  Now, I wish Bret Michaels a safe and full recovery, but when he does, could someone keep the keyboard out of the sex symbol’s hands or please introduce him to a thesaurus?
Anyone may become a writer by learning the techniques.  Knowledge of the market can catapult you within range of publication.  While the ability to hold a pencil and speak the language you intend to write serve as prerequisites, writing requires effective communication.  And these days, your high school diploma alone rarely prepares you to pen more than a journal.    
Don’t rush to take out massive loans for college though.  With or without organized education, you can still learn your trade.  Writer’s blogs have advice and experience for every step of the journey.  And as writers, they convey that information with the expertise you’ll soon have mastered, too. 
Even when you have enjoyed a fair taste of higher education, writer’s blogs have information about the next critical stages.   
for support and connections
The idea of having connections sounds in impressive in any field doesn’t it?  Worry not.  Anyone can become a well-connected writer with a simple approach.  Find companions at all levels of your craft at every possible opportunity. 
Be there for support, advice, and friendship.  Writers love books and engage passionately with the written word.  They are your people.  Later, as your achievements mount and you advance in your goals-and your connections do, too- you’ll have the opportunity to repay the favor and lend a hand to someone as fresh and confused as you were. 
Making connections via blogging includes commenting on articles, sending an email, participating in contests, or just following them on twitter and having a chat.  By the way, twitter functions as a 24-hour hotline for writer’s block.  There’s always someone in some time zone, ready to say, “I’ve been there.”     
because you know you want to
Sometimes we run across an author we adore and think our praise or input would be drowned out by their raging hoards of fans, but what if it wasn’t?  What if you appreciate an author who isn't well-known?  What if you identified a way for a good writer to become great?
Don't underestimate the power of your words, as a writer or a reader.


  1. Valid points! I think any source to learn about writing and become more educated, whether it be a magazine, blog or straight from the persons mouth, is extremely important. Writers learn new things everyday and it's important to stay current as well. :)

  2. Agreed on all accounts!

    And also will add a #4: because you never know how you can get inspired or whom you can inspire.

    I found some really excellent insights on other writers' blogs that evolved into a concept that I either explored or am planning to explore in my own works. I've also had people come back to me and tell me how my blog inspires them. Both are amazing to know.

  3. Excellent contributions. Is there a writer's online database? I should make one...

  4. A writer's online database? Like, where authors can be found or...?

  5. Yeah, like a searchable database of author's and literary blogs. The librarian in me wants a catalog for everything :).

  6. I think that's a great idea! =D

  7. I have to admit that I've developed better writing skills because of the internet where good writing is the only mode of communication. I've also learned more here 'in the real world' then in any classroom. Yes, writers writing with their peers is a great two way learning experience. Finally, to write this post, as I'm doing right now, is helping me to break out of my temporary writer's block. Thanks for this very insightful article.

  8. Vasillos, you have such a mesmerizing and powerful voice, it's hard to imagine that you get writer's block.

    I've learned a lot from Nouveau Writer. You guys are always an inspiration.

  9. And if you happen to be so great and so world-famous you don't need any of the above, then you might do the decent thing and give the rest of us the benefit of your wisdom!

    Seriously, the writing community is a very friendly and supportive one, and we can all learn from each other's experiences and ideas... and if you enjoy a blog post, or learn something useful from it, it's a nice thing to do to say thank you.

    It's amazing how many great friends you can make that way!

  10. It's funny you should mention it. Had it not been for all my writer friends, I might have chosen another path...

    Simple words of encouragement from smiling faces keep us going, don't they?